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" The task of Leadership is not to put greatness into people, but to elicit it, for the greatness is already there"  John Buchan

Anne's Fans

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"Anne Houlihan sets the bar high at Satori Seal and her employees rise to the challenge ever time. She is insightful and gets to the heart of the issue, giving it her full attention and care. She's also skilled at discovering common ground with others and building authentic relationships. Satori Seal is a cut above the rest, because of Anne's leadership."

Jon Craig, Account Manager

Packing Gaskets & Seals


"A breath of fresh air. Beautiful, inside and out. A gift to anyone who connects with her. That's how I describe Anne Houlihan. Whenever I talk with her, I feel so much better. She is positive, happy and uplifting-genuine, with a wonderful sense of humor. Anne is also an accomplished owner of a business with quality products and outstanding customer service. She is a true business partner who watches out for us. When a disgruntled ex­employee of ours tried to take our business by contacting our customers, she called me right away to show her full support and ask how she could help. How fortunate it is for us that she is now sharing her gifts as a speaker and coach."

Barbara Stubbs, Office Manager

General Seal Company


"I've known and admired Anne Houlihan for more than 20 years. I recently hired her as my coach and she quickly helped me catapult my business by getting rid of my self­imposed blocks and opening up to the possibilities. She is intuitive and a wonderful listener. Now that I know how to keep my ego out of the way and recognize the value of what I offer, I am empowered and confident. Instead of trying to go after customers, I am attracting them to my business. Anyone who chooses to work with Anne and wants to change for the better will experience dramatic results."

Jennifer Stull, Owner

Jennifer's Journals


"I began working with Anne Houlihan in 2002 as Satori Seal's ISO quality management consultant. Less than half the businesses in this industry pursue international standardization certification. They must pass stringent audits to receive and maintain it. Anne is an ideal client. She's a go-getter and an original thinker. The entire Satori team is totally cooperative and prepared. They take concepts like continual improvement seriously and use innovative technology and streamlined processes to serve their customers. As a manager, Anne elicits the best in people and gracefully leads the way."

Jim Mahoney, Owner

The Paragon Group


"Anne Houlihan dreams, researches, sets goals and succeeds. It takes extraordinary skills to manage long-term employees who care about the future of the company and are not just here to collect a paycheck. Anne believes in empowering employees to greatness.

"With many manufacturers going overseas and overseas factories coming stateside, it is increasingly difficult to establish and maintain business. Anne has a `never give up' attitude and a willingness to look at how we can make the current market situation benefit Satori. In order to grow, you must take calculated risks. We have changed our paradigm several times as we left old markets and entered new ones. Anne approaches every business opportunity or idea by studying it thoroughly, soliciting suggestions and opinions from her employees, and then making a decision. Skilled in sales, Anne has an amazing ability to quickly establish trusted relationships with decision makers at multi billion dollar companies. Our growth in the past several years and our employee wellness is a great meter of her ability to lead."

Dale T. McGrosky, Vice President (Employee since 1986)

Satori Seal Corporation


"It's as simple as this. Anne loves what she does and makes sure everyone who works at Satori Seal is happy. That makes us want to do our best. She's friendly, respectful and sincerely interested in how we're doing. If we make a mistake, she uses it as a learning experience instead of trying to find blame. Once Anne wins clients, she knows the way to keep them is by maintaining a high level of service. We treat all clients this way, regardless of their size. They often say to me that once they place an order, they don't have to worry about it and that makes me happy."

Juan Garcia, Customer Service Manager (Employee since 1990)

Satori Seal Corporation


"The business world needs more Anne Houlihans. We hit it off right away because we share the same philosophy about client and employee relationships. She was born to serve and make a difference. Anne is a unique, generous individual who models her character and values with every interaction. Through speaking, consulting and coaching, she continues to fulfill her purpose by helping to develop strong, successful leaders like her."

Peter O'Dunne, CEO

Mid Atlantic Rubber