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"The task of a leader is not to put greatness into people, but to elicit it, for the greatness is already there." John Buchan

Anne's Fans

Have you heard what they're saying about Anne?

"Anne was our Keynote speaker at the ABC Institute for Leadership and Professional Development.  Her presentation on How to Lead during Difficult Times was timely and enlightening for today’s challenges, providing insight on how to move your focus to the positive and to take a closer look at the opportunities you have in the face of adversity".

Doug Curtis, CAE

Vice President, Chapter Services

Associated Builders and Contractors


"A very calm speaker with a LOUD message - I loved it!"

"I enjoyed The presentation- it touched on a lot of topics I have faced. Thank you!!"

"Keep this class. It's a very true topic and gives hope to women."

Comments from Audience at World of Concrete 2009

"Anne Houlihan sets the bar high at Satori Seal and her employees rise to the challenge ever time. She is insightful and gets to the heart of the issue, giving it her full attention and care. She's also skilled at discovering common ground with others and building authentic relationships. Satori Seal is a cut above the rest, because of Anne's leadership."
Jon Craig, Account Manager
Packing Gaskets & Seals

"I began working with Anne Houlihan in 2002 as Satori Seal's ISO quality management consultant. Less than half the businesses in this industry pursue international standardization certification. They must pass stringent audits to receive and maintain it. Anne is an ideal client. She's a go-getter and an original thinker. The entire Satori team is totally cooperative and prepared. They take concepts like continual improvement seriously and use innovative technology and streamlined processes to serve their customers. As a manager, Anne elicits the best in people and gracefully leads the way."
Jim Mahoney, Owner
The Paragon Group

"The business world needs more Anne Houlihans. We hit it off right away because we share the same philosophy about client and employee relationships. She was born to serve and make a difference. Anne is a unique, generous individual who models her character and values with every interaction. Through speaking, consulting and coaching, she continues to fulfill her purpose by helping to develop strong, successful leaders like her."